Dee - Love lost, regaining strength and learning to be powerful

Early on:

Now Wise, Happy, With Her Guy... - Carol began desperate for a fellow, enormously "at effect" in life, timid, and making lots of mistakes with guys and in life.  Then meeting every three weeks in Borders, following another "spiritual" person, and doing all of the assignments and workshops, immersed in positive tapes listened to over and over... and now one of the wisest, most positive and encouraging individuals, with the love of her life, very involved with being a grandmother - and very happy and running her life in the highest manner.  (Write up to come.)

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Barbara - From very depressed and so down on herself, climbing up the ladder.  Extensive, in-depth, through beliefs, affirmations, panic attacks, still on her path of growth, and vastly more in charge of her life. Barbara's Communication Page.

The Disempowered Empowerer - From "despair" to becoming strong and very positive.

The Incredible Contributor - Learning her worth and greatness and stopping her contributions at the expense of herself (feeling bad, stressing out, etc.)

The Happy Woman - How a happy woman thinks and what she does. 

The Caveman - A hypothetical case (and a viewpoint I take, on purpose) of how wonderful the world would appear to a caveman who was suddenly brought into our world of now - besides having so much, he would marvel at our safety and wonder how we could be so fearful of imaginary creations. 

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